Imago Ignota 1

Behind the Bridal Veil

Garden of Eve

Garden of Venus

Night Blooming Fairies

Yoruban Goddess of Wind and Transformation

Madame Blavatsky Dreaming

Imago Ignota

The digital artwork featured in this gallery section are ‘scanographic montages’ created between 2004 and 2012.

Scanography is a digital art process that uses a flat bed scanner as a kind of camera lens to record three dimensional objects. Scans of objects often offer close-up focus on details that aren’t easily captured with a camera.  Veins on a leaf or threads in a piece of fabric are magnified in vivid, hyper-reality as direct light from the scanner and close proximity of the object is enhanced during the scanning process.

By using a simple (Roxio) photo features program I eventually began layering and transmogrifying some of the original scanographs into scanographic montages. Something that suggested a fish became a fish; curled tip of a flower became a dancer; edge of a silver spoon glowed like the quarter moon.

Imago Ignota (unknown image)

“A quest for the obscure, a quest that is self sufficient… Language of the incomprehensible… A pattern of words, shapes, colours, that has no correspondence with the normal… Its own reality, a created reality, the imagined antecedents and the aftermaths of many realities.”  – The Dictionary of Symbols by C. E. Cirlot.