Raudelunas, an artist collective, was active in Tuscaloosa Alabama starting in the late 1970s. This large and varied group experimented with musical free improvisation, theater performances, marching bands, and group and individual art works.

Raudelunas led to the formation of two smaller and overlapping groups – Glass Veal, early Alabama surrealist activity, and TransMuseq, improvisational music. Many members of Raudelunas continue to work as artists, musicians, writers and performers both individually and collectively. Members of Fresh Dirt were part of these early groups.

The origin of the name Raudelunas is explained on the Raudelunas site in addition to more information about the earlier group, The Blue Demin Deals without the Arms. The Raudelunas site also has information about the theatrical production From the One That Cut You as well as LPs of music.

Raudelunas Web Site

In 1973 Raduelunas joined the University of Alabama Homecoming Parade as The Raudelunas Marching Vegetable Band. This became an annual tradition as the group marched as in 1974 as The Raudelunas Marching Ubu Band, in 1975 as The Raudelunas Marching Booley Band, in 1976 as The Raudelunas Marching Arm Band and ending in 1977 as The Raudelunas Marching Appliance Band.

Often Raudelunas members had an alias including Craig Nutt, the organizer of the early sessions. Craig was called Ron ‘Pate, with the ‘Pate being a reference to ‘Pataphysics. Others include Anne Le Baron (aka Raudeluna); LaDonna Smith (aka Don “Pretty Boy” Smith); Davey Williams (aka Cyd Cherise); Janice Hathaway (aka Miss Hathaway); Johnny Williams (aka Johnny Fent-Lister); William “Igor” Alford (aka Bill Starsh A.); Tim Reed (aka Reverend Fred Lane); Adrian Dye (aka Oscar); Mitchell Cashion (aka Bob “Doc Cheapskate” Cashion); Roger Hagerty (aka Dick Foote); and Gary Taylor (aka Dean Norman Scheidt). Portraits of many of these people can be seen on this site Raudelunas Portraits.

Actor/writer/musician Tim Reed, better know as Reverend Fred Lane, remains a key member in the Raudelunas. His strong stage persona, as in his performance during From The One That Cut You, shows him in his black Tuxedo jacket over boxer shorts, gawky glasses, a greased goatee, and Band-Aids on his cheeks.

Tim Reed as Reverend Fred Lane. Photograph by Janice Hathaway. 1975.

Reverend Fred Lane

Continuing interest in Raudelunas throughout the years has  resulted in an in-production documentary by Skizz Cyzyk called Icepick to the Moon; a documentary about Rev. Fred Lane and Raudelunas. Leah Alford, Charlie Ogden Ted Bowen and a number of others who participated with the early group or joined over the years can be seen on the Skizz Cyzyk site Icepick to the Moon.

Icepick to the Moon

Raudelunas exhibited twice at the University of Alabama once in 1974 and again in 1975 as the Second Raudelunas Exposition & Science Fair ‘Pataphysique.

A number of recordings were produced including the LP Raudelunas ‘Pataphysical Review produced in conjunction with the exhibition. Additional information about the recordings can be found on the Raudelunas site.

A renewed interest in collective activity resulted in the Raudelunas Revival in Tuscaloosa, Alabama hosted at the University of Alabama in 2012. The revival, curated and organized by Lee Shook, consisted of an exhibition and a performance. This renewed interest also led to the formation of Fresh Dirt for new collective surrealist activity.

Second Raudelunas Exposition & Science Fair ‘Pataphysique. Photograph by Janice Hathaway. 1975.


1975 Second Raudelunas Exposition & Science Fair 'Pataphysique