Janice Hathaway

Janice Hathaway’s work is meant to encourage reflection about the relationship between nature and culture, handwork and technology while being strongly influenced by coincidence, humor, feelings and desire. This work sustains the artist’s long-term interest in creating prints of imaginary situations seeking the living moment.

Janice Hathaway

Janice uses original photographs of natural subjects that are combined digitally to create layered multi-image collage. All works are hand worked to add additional richness and texture and sustains her long-term interest in creating two-dimensional, sculptural collage and motion graphics.

Janice Hathaway Collage

Janice Hathaway.com has collage from the 1980s through today. These include two-dimensional and three-dimensional collage and books made using a variety of techniques. Early work utilized black and white photographic portrait paper with colored pencil. Recent work is  developed on the computer allowing  subtle image combinations.

Janice Hathway Collage

Hathaway Photography

Hathaway Photography has unaltered photographs taken by Janice Hathaway. These include skies, ocean views, mountains, flowers, objects and buildings from the United States and Europe. This site also has early black and white portraits, theater and dance photography from 1970s as well as current color theater photography.

hathaway photography

Janice Hathaway Liquid Solaris

Janice Hathaway was invited to exhibit her surrealist collage in an exhibition, “Liquid Solaris” at The Eugenio Granell Fundación in Santiago de Compostela Spain from May 26 – July 10 2016. Granell’s daughter, Executive Director Natalia Fernandez, extended the invitation as part of a year of women Surrealist exhibitions in honor of her mother and Granell’s wife Amparo Segarra.

Eugenio Granell was the last Spanish Surrealist of the early Surrealist movement. The Eugenio Granell Fundación is the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to the movement. The Eugenio Granell Fundación opened in 1995 in his home town of Santiago de Compostela and holds 600 of Granell’s paintings along with works by Picabia, Duchamp, Man Ray and Breton. Two of Hathaway’s photo-collages are now part of the collection.

1 cover-front

The book was made for the exhibition and is available. There are 52 of her photo-collages in color and 69 black and white photographs including ones from  Raudelunas and early surrealist years. The book is in English and Spanish with a biography and writings  about her photo-colleges by Natalia Fernandez, Davey Williams, Franklin Rosemont, LaDonna Smith, Laurens Vancrevel, Marcia Morse, Merl Fluin, Paul Cowdell and Ruurdje Laarhoven.

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The Eugenio Granell Fundación also has copies of the book.  To order a book from Europe please visit The Eugenio Granell Fundación store.

Freedom, poetry and love … a way of seeing more and better, without restrictions or barriers of logic.

Eugenio Granell